Though everyone is travelling, living their best lives and posting on social media, what they dont tell you is that sometimes, they return to empty pockets and bank accounts. Heres how to not go broke while living your best life.

Charlotte Pace at Elite Daily documents what happened when she spontaneously travelled to London with her boyfriend, without thinking of the reparations on her bank account. These are a few lessons we learned from her.

1. Always pack the essentials

Being prepared in terms of everything you'll actually need when you get to your destination makes sure you don't have to do any unnecessary expenses on things you could have actually gotten at home. Chances are, buying stuff abroad will be more expensive than at home, and if they're not, be mindful of those little expenses as they add up eventually.

2. Plan everything ahead

Before you pack your travel bag, make sure you get all your plans, or at least an outline of a plan, set. Inadequate research is a common traveller mistake. If you're planning to wing things like accommodation, transport while on a budget, you'll definitely run into trouble. Research your destination, book ahead for the things you can, speak to experienced people about prices in the area so you can be prepared. However, don't let your plan stop you from being spontaneous.

3. Walk

This applies if you are home or abroad. Walking or biking might cut some costs for you, so why not. This is a good saving mechanism as it allows your money go into other important or miscellaneous expenses.

4. Take advantage of anything free/deals

This is key if you intend to ball while on a budget. There are travel apps and booking sites that offer deals on flights, hotels, hostels and tours. In fact, there are hostels that offer free walking tours in some cities.

5. Live within your means

This entire article can be summarised in just this point, but where's the fun in that? Travel, seek adventure but don't forget that there's a life to continue when you get home (if you're able to). If you can't make that trip due to funds at that time, don't force it. Save more and push it forward. It doesn't hurt, and might end up benefiting you in the end. However, if you do go broke while on a trip, here are some ways to make quick cash while on a trip.