As a man or a woman, there are beauty essentials that absolutely need to be in your travel bag to keep you

Travel can do a lot to your face, hair and skin. Though it might not also give you the leeway to do your regular skin or hair routine, you're good to go as long as you pack these products in your travel bag.

1. Perfume

A long-lasting portable perfume is the best thing to have in your travel bag, or any bag at all. The last first impression of you that you want is a bad odour.

2. Moisturiser

This is great for trips that require a lot of dips in the water. The moisturizer keeps you glowing and from looking ashy.

3. Oil

Hair oil is good for kinky hair, especially after a dip in the pool. It is actually good for any hair type and prevents hair breakage due to dryness.

4. Sunscreen

Sunscreen keeps your skin from being damaged by intense sun rays and leaves your skin glowing. Sun burn does not happen to Caucasians alone. As long as your skin can change colour, it's best to take sunscreen, especially to those really hot regions.

5. Lip balm

The power of lip balm cannot be over-emphasized. Avoid chapped lips by applying a coat of lip balm whenever it gets dry.