Bolaji Alonge has spent the last five years taking photographs around the world from mountain tops, cities, forests, nature and undersea.

Alonge, an artist and  International Photographer, with a portfolio of over fifty thousand photos thought it necessary to create a travel and photo website: for sharing these beautiful moments, at the same time, thoughts and interpretations of the images frozen by his lenses.

However, it has become necessary to take this a step further through a Photo Exhibition in conjunction with the prestigious Freedom Park, Broad Street; A former Colonial Prison situated in the heart of Lagos Island turned into a major Artists hub with great international audience in an ideal environment, mainly to bring to the Nigerian public the beauty in Nigeria and around the world.

This photo exhibition, "The Eyes Of A Lagos Boy" intends to invoke the spirit of the adventurer and wanderlust in Nigerians and humanity as a whole, to encourage those that have not, do not or cannot travel and take photos for whichever reason.

"The Eyes Of A Lagos Boy" Photo Exhibition Kicks off at the Museum, Freedom Park Lagos on Saturday, May 20 by 4 pm to Saturday, May 27, 2017.

The images to be displayed are our everyday happenings and some little things people sometimes do not pay so much attention to. Photos on the Exhibition are open to interested buyers at reasonable rates.

"The Eyes Of A Lagos Boy" photo exhibition is showcasing 25 framed Photos from Western Europe, the Middle East, India, Russia and many other countries with numerous shots running in the background. The aim is to take attendees around Nigeria and the world through the eyes of a Lagos Boy.

Eyes of A Lagos Boy Photo Exhibition comes at a propitious time for Corporate Organizations Travel Agencies and Airlines and to be a part of.

The Lagos at 50 program falls into the same week of the Exhibition thereby opening organizations access to a large quality audience.

"The Eyes Of A Lagos Boy" is the story of all of us, with a messenger in the person of Bolaji bringing it to our attention.

A tour with guests and attendees will be conducted around the former Colonial Prison now Freedom Park, bringing guests to witness history and the transformation including how far Lagos has come as a state. This is a perfect Opportunity for businesses to benefit, exchange ideas and create a long lasting Patronage.