It was sold to us a healthy spread without any artificial colours. However, the amount of sugar in Nutella will make you cringe!

Nutella is the bakers delight. It is a very addictive hazelnut and cocoa spread. Most people spread it on everything from pancakes to toast to ice cream. Some even warm it up to drink as hot chocolate.

Is Nutella healthy though?

Not exactly. Despite having no artificial colours or preservatives, Nutella is far from healthy. A consumer centre in Hamburg, Germany created a graphic showing the breakdown of the ingredients in Nutella.

The main ingredients of Nutella are sugar, modified palm oil, hazelnuts and cocoa.

A basic 400g jar of Nutella contains about 72 pieces of lump sugar (about 55%), 23% palm oil and a cocoa content of only 14 %. Two tablespoons (37g) of Nutella contain about 200 calories and 21 grams of sugar, the equivalent of 5 teaspoons of sugar. That's a whooping amount!

The label claims that jars contain "over 50 hazelnuts per 13 oz. jar."

In the United States, Ferrero, the maker of Nutella, was sued for false advertising that led some to believe that Nutella carries nutritional and health benefits, being touted as 'part of a nutritious breakfast'. They paid $3 million to the customers who were part of the claim and changes were made to Nutella's labelling and marketing.

Do you think Nutella is good for you then?