Mangroves are trees that grow in saline coastal sediment habitats in the tropics and subtropics.

Baobab trees, beaches, fishing villages and various animal species are what you should expect to see when you go on a ride through the mangroves.

1 . Bab's Dock, Cococodji, Benin Republic

Boat ride through the mangroves to Bab's Dock [Amarachi Ekekwe]

Bab's Dock is a private bar, restaurant and zoo located on a dock in Cococodji, 11km from Coctonou. The twist is, the restaurant property has the option to be accessed by boat. The motor boat takes you through an extremely scenic ride through the thick mangrove, for an access fee of CFA2500 per person. Getting to Bab's dock, you can lounge on the dock with your food, engage in water sports or explore the grounds. The food here is a bit pricey but you have the option to just chill.

2 . Epe Mangroves, Lagos, Nigeria

All you need to know about visiting the Epe mangroves of Lagos

The Epe mangroves is one of the best-kept secrets of Lagos. Located in Epe LGA of Lagos, you can spot the mangroves in the Epe creek that starts somewhere at Ajah and extends to the main town of Epe. After you take the tranquil canoe ride to the main town through the mangroves, you can request a guided tour about the history of the town. There are lots of things to do in the main town of Epe so you won't run out of activities.

3 . Grand-Popo, Benin Republic

Locals offer boat ride with personal boats [Cybelle planete]

Grand-Popo is a wonderful beach town located in the far southwest of Benin. Once a major slave port, the town is now celebrated for its long beach lined with coconut palms and a chosen destination for many to relax and unwind. Also close by, are fishing villages where locals organise relaxing boat rides through the mangroves with their fishing boats, for a small stipend.

4 . Ada, Ghana

Boat ride in Ada, Volta [Ghana meet me there]

Ada Foah and Big Ada are beach towns sandwiched between River Volta with estuary and the South Atlantic Ocean. Tour organizers take advantage of this location to offer all the different experiences you can have in the area. From the fishermen villages and artistically painted fishing boats to the rich gastronomy, to the marine turtles on the beaches, to the boat ride through the mangroves. A boat tour along the islands or the estuary allows you see the many specie of mangroves which are under protection in the historic town Ada Foah.

5 . Sine-Saloum Delta, Senegal

Exploring Sine Saloum Delta [The Gambia Experience]

The Sine-Saloum Delta is a large area of mangrove forests, lagoons, islands, and rivers, located southwest of Senegal. A boat ride up the quiet rivers will have you spotting various species of aquatic, terrestrial and arboreal animals such as flamingos, pelicans and monkeys. You can also sight and experience the various fishing villages in the area. A highlight for visitors to this region is taking a boat ride up the rivers to spot pelicans and flamingos and enjoy the lovely fishing villages along the way.