What can be more fun than a group of art lovers gathered together to explore and be mesmerized by the beauty of arts?

That's exactly what Reel Flicks and Art is all about. Reel Flicks and Art is a networking event which has been designed to provide an ambient environment for extremely busy, top level, high net worth Industry leaders who would not ordinarily make time to go in search of various artistic expressions.

Reel Flicks and Ansel Eddo hosted guests to an Auction of Modern and Contemporary Art on Saturday, July 29, 2017, at Manuela’s Residence in Victoria Island, Lagos setting the stage for an evening of relaxation, networking and the enjoyment of various artistic expressions.

Guests were impressed by the art and photography exhibited by three brilliant artists like Akin Kongi, Isaac Emokpae, Numero Unoma, Promise O’nali, Bolanji Alonge, Seni Williams, Lamu Obed, Elizabeth Ekpertorson, Ayobola Kekere-Ekun, Ibe Ananaba, John Madu and Oladipupo Adesina who submitted their works to be auctioned.

The entire Manuela’s Residence was decorated with over 100 pieces of art by the event curators Ayodele Dayisi, Isabella Agbaje and Akin Kongi who also hosted the auction.

Thanks to the continuous support of Pulse.ng and Distell, Reel Flicks and Arts continues to thrill art lovers to exciting moments and memories, as art is being showcased in its explicit beauty.