Millennials today are prioritising travel more than anything else, most of them at least.

Millenials are the people born in the early 1980s to the late 1990s. They are usually all too familiar with communications, technology, and the media.

Many of them travel to experience a new culture, while some travel to different locations based on reviews online and friends’ recommendations.

If you are one and you are reading this, then get ready to book your plane ticket to Nigeria, as we are about to enumerate the most millennial-friendly vacation spots in the country.

1. Adamawa state

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Visit the Mandara Mountains which are a volcanic range extending about 190 km lie in the northeastern part of Adamawa state along the Cameroon border.

Mandara is an ideal place for rock and mountain climbing. The region is densely populated, mainly by speakers of Chadic languages, including both the Mofu and the Kirdi ethnic groups and it's totally Instagramable.

Lamurde hot spring in Adamawa is also part of the world popular Sukur Cultural Landscape, which consists of a palace, villages, and the remains of an iron industry.

The place was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999 and has since become a go-to tourist destination in Adamawa State.

2. Kaduna

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From the world-famous to the Lugard Tower, Kaduna is low key travel goals.

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Kajuru Castle has everything to make your holiday enjoyable and memorable such as stainless swimming pool, sauna, barbecue spot, well-equipped and beautifully furnished accommodation facilities. There are scenic landscapes and forests to explore with several exciting activities.

3. Oyo state

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The ancient state has a lot to offer. It is home to Iyake mountains. Check out the Ado Iwaye mountain which has the only suspended lake in Africa.

4. Bauchi

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Chill with chatty baboons, dancing hippos, baby elephants and other species of wildlife at Yankari Games Reserve and Resort, Bauchi.

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Don't get too carried away and forget the Marshall cave systems and Wikki warm springs.

5. Taraba

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Endowed with diverse and rich topography, Taraba truly deserves to be called “Nature’s gift to the Nation”.

Visit tea plantations in Gembu and the Mambila plateau. The plateau is considered as the highest point in Nigeria and probably in Africa.

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It is said that the undulating landscape is free of insects.