Pulse Food

Pulse Food

Pulse Food


1. Peel plantains and boil plantains. Add salt to taste and cover to cook.

2. Wash uncooked egg and add to the boiling plantain.

3. Wash all vegetables.

4. Boil pepper.

5. Grind onion, add pepper when cooked.

6. Add peanut, grind all ingredients

7. Remove eggs from plantain when cooked and drain water from plantain.

8. Mash plantain in 'asanka' or earthenware bowl.

9. Add mixture to mashed plantain and mix thoroughly.

10. Heat pan over medium high heat until hot and then add the palm oil and onions.

11. Add teaspoons of palm oil to mashed plantain until the content mix evenly.

12. Garnish with roasted groundnut, sliced avocado and peeled eggs.