Signature Beyond is more than just a gallery, its a home of African art.

This easy to locate gallery at 107 Awolowo Road is such an amazing gallery with a lot of beautiful artworks, paintings and sculptures. In fact, almost too many artworks to get a potential customer a little confused as to what to pick.

The recently refurbished gallery houses a lot of African pieces and I must say I find it pretty amazing and impressive. I mean, anyone looking for African works, especially sculptures can be sure to find a pretty interesting one in this gallery.

The one storey gallery was arranged in such a way that the artworks were carefully divided between both compartments. Each room was divided into two sections, one housed the sculptures (a lot of it), the other, the paintings.

I love how most of the sculptures were African and Nigerian sculptures representing different parts of the country and African as a whole.

The places that had the paintings had all paintings strategically arranged. Abstract paintings had themselves hanging close to each other, contemporary works as well and of course, Africans depicted images were all lying next to themselves as well.

I love the organisation in this gallery, the customer friendly staff members, the lightings and the ambience of the gallery.

Signature beyond is sure a home of African art where you can learn some of the history of African through the eyes of an artist.