Pizza flavoured ice cream? Yeah, you heard right...its the food trend here to stay.

Normally, you want to look for a big bowl of ice cream to cool off after sinking your teeth into a big slice of hot and tasty pizza. But then, why should anyone be allowed to go through so much trouble of having to go fetch a bowl of that ice cream when you can have it all once and in one sitting. I mean, what's much better than eating dessert and dinner right at the same time?

A dessert trailblazer at Philadelphia’s Little Baby’s Ice Cream is making an ice cream featuring all the good things a pizza from tomato, oregano, basil, salt to garlic and it turns out people are loving this good mix.

While Little Baby’s is certainly unique, pizza-flavored ice cream has been around for a few years now, there's also at least one other joint, LA's Coolhaus, that carries pizza ice cream but now, people have taken Little Baby's concoction to the next level by creating the so-called "Frankford Ave. Taco" combo, which basically consists of adding the ice cream on top of a pizza slice. Now that's what we call the pizza flavoured ice cream. Yummy!

This pizza flavoured ice cream is one of the amazing yet bizzare treats Little Baby creates. However, while some might be concerned about this combination, we are only concerned about enjoying this great treat, pizza flavoured icecream.