Ifebusola Shotunde shot it.

According to OkayAfrica, Ifebusola Shotunde's photo series, No Place For Our Dreams, is inspired by Femi Kuti's album, No Place For My Dream.

Like Falz, Shotunde uses witty commentary to narrate a story about political aspirant whose pursuit of power leads him to have diverse interactions with people of different statuses in society.

In a statement, he explains the motivation for the photo series: "My reason for going ahead with this project was to start a conversation on how we, as ordinary people, suffer from the incompetence of our so-called leaders... Ultimately, I want us to provoke conversation around the state of politics in Nigeria in attempt to bring about this change."

Instead of a regular exhibition in a gallery, the photos are pasted on the streets of Lagos, a nod to the many campaign posters everywhere this season.

Watch the photo story above.