Open House Lagos, an event organised to understand the value of a well-designed built environment by exploring the citys architectural history to preserve their relevance in future times.

The event which involved a couple of trips around Lagos with the goal to educating interested individuals about these buildings and their importance (cultural, economic and financial) in the country.

A big question on our minds, why do even need to preserve these cultural heritages of ours? I mean, we can as well destroy them, create more space for more modern facilities and structures that'll beautify the country and of course, make it look more attractive to all.

Let's learn a bit of that. All thanks to Open House Lagos enlightening the majority in the country via these tours.

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1. Historic buildings are physical links to our past

Without saving these buildings, we'd erase the stories of our past, as if the people who came before us never existed.

Preserving these buildings, however, helps us to preserve not only the bricks but the tonnes of information hidden in them.

2. Old buildings have intrinsic value

Buildings of a certain era tend to be built with higher-quality materials such as rare hardwoods and wood from old-growth forests (which no longer exist) that are not prone to termite attack and all sort.

The Ilukwe house in the Nigeria Railway Corporation, even though it's as old as 117years and made with wood, still retains a fine appearance and of course a good quality as compared to some of the modern houses built with inferior materials

3. Architectural beauty

This has a way of making you feel good when you see them. It keeps you wondering how the designers and builders went about it and it amazes you how something as old-schooled as that is no longer in existence because somewhere in your heart, you actually wish it does, even though it's old.

The tour we had to Jaekel House left a good number of people wishing houses were still designed in that way, with the positioning of each room in the house placed in such a way it houses five entrances and exits. Isn't it amazing how just one room can be linked to in five different ways?

4. Old buildings attract people.

The more people are attracted to old buildings, the better tourist sites they become.

Is it the incredible materials used or the styles incorporated in them? Older buildings are just more interesting.

Take the case of Jaekel House, some scenes of October 1 was shot at the location including a few scenes of Simi's latest music video.

5. Old buildings remind us of the city's culture.

By seeing old historic buildings, people are able to witness the aesthetic and cultural history of an area. A city needs old buildings to maintain a sense of permanency and heritage.