Preparing okro and combining with stew is the typical way of eating okro soup in most Nigerian homes.

Growing up, okro soup felt a little boring. Let's face it, it doesn't look attractive let alone taste delicious except you happen to combine it with a well fried tasty stew.

Seafood okro, to start with has a beautiful sight to behold, that doesn't just look good to the eye but also taste great to the tongue and finally does well to the body. Here's how you can prepare this lovely soup.


1. Okro

2. Red bell pepper (Tatashe)

3. Red Scotch Bonnets (Ata Rodo)

4. Onions

5. Shrimp

6. Tiger Prawns

7. Crab (cleaned and rinsed thoroughly)

8. Palm Oil

9. Seasoning cubes

10. Salt to taste

11. Crayfish (grounded)


1. Rinse the bell pepper, scotch pepper and onion. Blend together until they are smooth.

2. Rinse the okro and chop it.

3. Place crabs, the blended pepper and chopped onion into a large pot. Add some oil, salt to taste, seasoning cubes and ground crayfish. Boil for about 15 minutes or till the pepper thickens a bit and the crab becomes soft.

4. Stir in the chopped okro. Simmer for 2 minutes.

Seafood okro, easy and delicious.