Edikang ikong Soup needs no introduction. It is that nutritious that everybody loves but few know how to cook. is a rich vegetable soup is reminiscent of the Yoruba style Efo Riro, Both calls for similar ingredients. The major difference is the use of Pumpkin leaves. This recipe originated from the South-West of Nigeria. Now many tribes cook the Edikang ikong delicacy for their families. You can’t have enough of this recipe try it out.


8 medium pieces Beef

8 small pieces thick ikpa (cow skin or pomo)

8 medium pieces of shaki – optional (beef tripe)

Handful shredded Stock fish pieces

1 medium size smoked Catfish or shine nose fish

6 medium bunches Ikong ubong ( ugwu leaves)

4 Snails (optional)

1 bulb onion (chopped)

3-4 pieces yellow pepper

2 cooking spoons Palm oil

3tbs crayfish

1 Beef Seasoning cube

2 Crayfish seasoning tablets

3 cups Water

Salt to taste


Edikang ikong also goes well with rice.