When you ask a person to describe what the word art means or what it means to be an artist, and they will probably paint a picture of one of two extremes.

The typical example of a failed artist who is dedicated, talented, yet unappreciated, whose work is appreciated or valued only after his/her death.

The celebrity artist who is able to sell just anything he/she calls an art piece.

If you are one of the several hundreds of thousand artist on Earth, you need to know the rules that can either break you or make you in the creative industry.

Here's a list of 5 things to do to make you a great artist and a better entrepreneur as well.

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1. Purpose

The purpose of the artist is to create an effect in the viewers or potential customer's eye. The goal of the artist is to create something so compelling as to cause the customer or prospect to take action and want to own your art piece.

2. Intuition

As an artist, the ability to use your instinct or discretion is very vital in carving your own niche. One of the world's most famous painting, Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci was obviously created by the artist's intuition.

3. Creativity

Next to being purposeful about your work and also being intuitive is being creative. Creativity is being able to effectively make use of your imaginative ability. Dive deep into the ocean of creativity and produce the beauty you see there in your paintings.

4. Think outside the box

As an artist, you could be tempted to copying what is trendy or hot but the best artist doesn't copy, they produce outside of what is considered the norm, trendy, or hot. The most successful artist aren't interested in following the trend. They are rather interested in creating something new and improving upon what has already been done.

5. Don't stop producing

There's no way in the world you'd discover your masterpiece if you think all you need to do is to produce one piece.

To discover your best piece, you'll need to produce in quantity so that you can discover the quality in the them and eventually pick out your masterpiece.

6. Assign tasks

You don't necessarily have to do it all, especially if you are no good at it or don’t like to do it. This way, you'd get rid of activities that rob you off of creating.

7. Get your art out

No one knows the artist whose works are hidden away at home, only those whose works are on display in the market.

So, get your art out into the market in a massive way and into the hands of people.