Meet the Mundari tribe of South Sudan where cow urine serves as hair dye & bathing water (video)

In Mundari, a tribe in Juba, the capital of South Sudan where the people live in cattle camps, cow urine is a precious resource as residents bathe, wash their faces and decorate their hair with it.

Meet the Mundari tribe of South Sudan where people bathe with cow urine

Cow dung is generally known to be a useful resource as it serves as fertilizer for agricultural purposes but in Mundari, both the cow dung and urine are like gold.

Men monitor the cattle, and as soon as they notice they are urinating, they hurry to place their heads under the animal and soak their heads in the urine and then clean their faces with the liquid excreta.

According to them, the urine serves as a dye that changes their hair colour, something that their women admire so much and it makes them fall in love with their men who carry such hair.

It has also been disclosed that, due to the distance from a source of water, the Mundari people sometimes resort to the use of cow urine to bathe instead of water.

They are one of the cattle rearing tribes of South Sudan out of 64 tribes.

They are part of the Nilotic group of languages spoken in Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, and Tanzania.

The name Nilotic was derived from the River Nile or the Nile region of Africa where the said countries are located.

In South Sudan which is estimated to have about 12 million cattle believed to be among the highest number in Africa, the number of cattle you own determines your wealth and not the amount of cash in your bank account.

It is jokingly said that the country has as many cattle as the number of people that make up its population.

Ghanaian vlogger, Mode Maya spent a good time inside the Mundari cattle camp and lifted the veil on their beautiful but less known culture.

Watch the video below for more interesting facts about the Mundari people:


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