Residents of a millionaires row have expressed strong objections to having a 24-hour McDonalds on their road.

The residents are afraid that the 24 hour fast food restaurant will 'lower the tone'. The branch on King's Road, Chelsea is currently open from 5am to 11pm.

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The branch however wants to extend the opening hours to round the clock, writing to Kensington and Chelsea Council requesting permission but the residents are not having it. Some of the residents opposed to the 24 hour branch are a former president of Volvo and the wife of the chairman of the V&A Museum.

The residents are worried that the change will result to increased violence, rubbish and noise in Royal Avenue, a cluster of multi-million-pound townhouses.

They are also worried that a 24 hour McDonald's will set a precedent for other fast food outlets on King's Road.

The chairman of the residents' association, Martin Flash, in a letter to the council said "A 24-hour fast food outlet has no place in a deeply residential neighbourhood. This application should be refused outright."

In a letter signed by his wife Inger, former Volvo president and CEO Tuve Johannesson said "McDonald's total lack of discipline in relation to litter and noise should motivate withdrawal of existing permits for operating their business."

Joy Fern, another resident, said "My family are already greatly inconvenienced by delivery vehicles, rubbish and inconsiderate patrons who choose my doorsteps as their personal benches to eat their McDonald's and leave rubbish. The proposal will bring an increase in all the above, not to mention noise."

The wife of Nicholas Coleridge, president of publisher Condé Nast International and chairman of the V&A, Georgia Coleridge said "Current opening hours are a nuisance."

A McDonald's spokesman said "We remain in the planning process and await formal decisions to be made. We understand some concerns have been raised by local residents and we hope chances are given where we can address these, whilst providing reassurances, as we move forward in the process."

The council is considering the request and a decision will be made on November 25, 2016.