In Nigeria, workers are entitled to an average of 21 days of paid leave in a year.

People get overwhelmed thinking about how to schedule their days off and so, they aren't able to get the best out of their holidays. That's where we come in, here's how to plan your days off in 2019.

Christmas break 2018/New Year 2019

If you were quick enough, you would have been able to use up just three days of paid leave to get a 16 day break. If your office closed for the year around December 21, you could schedule a few days of leave to have from December 22 till January 6 of free time.

Easter 2019

planning leave for 2019
planning leave for 2019

The Easter break is scheduled to fall on April 19-22. Taking a seven-day paid leave starting on Tuesday, April 16 to resume April 29, will give you a 13 day break. Bear in mind that the next break is May 1, Workers day, so you can also work around that to give you more days.

Sallah break/Democracy day

The end of Ramadan is projected to fall on June 5 while the new Democracy day is on June 12. An eight-day paid leave starting June 3 can get you a 16 day break that starts on June 1 and ends on June 16.

Sallah break

Maximise your leave for a travel vacation [jet setting mom]
Maximise your leave for a travel vacation [jet setting mom]

The Id el Kabir falls on Monday, August 12, so if you take Friday off, you can have a long weekend to unwind.

Independence day

October 1st this year falls on a Tuesday, so to get an extra-long weekend, you can take Friday and Monday off.

What other holidays are in the year?