Lakin Ogunbanwo is a Nigerian born fashion photographer who is making waves and setting records at the Africa Now exhibition in Paris.

Ogunbanwo first began practising his art while studying at a Law school in the UK. Initially self-taught, he eventually travelled to Paris for professional studies at the Spéos Photography Institute. His work features bold and provocative portraits, as well as fashion, often set against bright colours and Lagos cityscapes. Ogunbano’s series quietly challenge the conservative culture of Nigeria.

Lakin's work has now recently taken him to Paris where he was commissioned to produce 11 images and 1 video to be displayed on the Galeries Lafayette Departmental store window. This is part of an exhibition called Africa Now that will run from 28th March - June 10th 2017.

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The show opening which was held yesterday 27th march 2017, witnessed different african artists exhibiting their work with Lakin Ogunbanwo's images headlining 11 window display for brands such as Kate Spade, Max mara, Adidas etc.

The Africa Now exhibition celebrates African Art through art pieces and pop up items that will be displayed through out the entire store.