These simple tips are guaranteed to make a difference in the quality of your baked food.

Oftentimes, a cake that should have otherwise turned out great goes wrong because of one ingredient or badly mixed batter.

1. Invest in a kitchen measuring scale:

First things first, you must measure your ingredients correctly, otherwise your cake/pastry will turn our poorly.

Dry foods like flour, baking soda, sugar and salt are more accurately measured by weight than volume.

A scale ensures that every necessary ingredient for your batter is measured correctly and your baked food comes our perfectly.

2. Sift dry ingredients:

To avoid lumps, sift your dry ingredients with a sieve before mixing them. After measuring correctly, the next thing is to sift your flour, baking soda, salt etc. to remove any lumps that may be formed in these ingredients.

3. Spin the bowl, not the hand mixer:

If you are using an electric hand mixer for your batter, the trick is to spin the bowl and not move the handmixer.

Moving the mixer takes a lot of energy and might cause your arms to ache. Rotating the bowl costs less energy and will get you fluffy batter.