Kelechi Amadi-Obi is a household name in Nigeria when it comes to photography.

According to the veteran, the best creative environment is brought about by a mixture of design and accident.

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While he may follow the brief of his client, planning too much for a shoot leads to repetition and predictability. When the flow goes naturally, life comes in the middle of the 'accident'.

On the digital age and it's effects on the profession of photography, Amadi-Obi believes that digital photography is a welcome development as photography itself is a child of technology.

Digital photography also has helped a lot of people develop early in life that they want a career in photography as it is readily available to them through their phones and other devices.

On how to attract the highest paying client, Amadi-Obi says "If you do good work that serves the purpose and satisfies a need money will follow. And if you hone your craft to the point where you become the best, then you'll attract the highest paying clients"