Meet the young Nigerian artist who produces incredibly life-like art work and hopes to be like Michelangelo.

In the thriving art city of Lagos, lives Kareem Waris Olamilekan, a pencil artist, painter and prosthetic makeup artist. He began drawing at 6, starting with cartoon and comics and by 8, he had started drawing professionally.

Speaking to Spark about what work made him believe in himself, he said:

"It was not my personal project but when my boss gets contracts like mural painting, I will be given sides to do. The mural painting I did at Marshall School at Magboro, Ogun state increased my confidence because I was given freedom to do anything.”

In an interview with BBC video journalist, Ayo Bello, Kareem states that his best work is "Daily Bread", a Charcoal-on-card piece that depicts a boy desperately having a meal while sweating and crying. This amazing pencil work is inspired by his hustle and his family's struggle to provide and put food on the table. This work bears major semblance to the viral artworks of Arinze Stanley Egbengwu, another Nigerian hyperrealism artist who Kareem also claims is an inspiration.

In a makeshift studio in an obscure part of Lagos, Adeniyi Adewole, a graduate of General Arts, teaches art to a group of students, including Waris.

Waris hopes to see his work displayed in museums around the world one day.