Covering a large area of 5340km², the Kainji Lake National Park is one of the largest parks in Nigeria. It was created in 1979 as result of the amalgamation of Zugurma game reserves and Borgu game reserve.

Located in the northwest central part of the country in Niger and Kwara states, Kainji Lake National Park is a typical inselberg landscape with round hills wide pediments/plains separating them and incised river channels slopping down towards the River Niger valley.

As a matter of fact, it said to be one of the jewels of Nigeria inland and containing a number of flora and fauna resources of the country.

With temperature ranges between 10oc and 30oc and an average relative humidity of 53%,the Park houses a lot of wildlife like: elephants, lions, buffaloes, antelope, hunting dogs, hippos, patas, monkey, lion, python, Nile crocodile

There are also leopard, hyena, kob, cobra, green snake, bush buck, tilapia, mountain reedbuck, red flanked duiker, oribi, grimms duiker, warthog, mongoose, stone partridge, snake head, hadada ibis, Bee eaters, electric cat fish clawless otters, hartebeest, turtles, manatees, roan goanna, baboons, antelopes, kobs, ape, Ducker, crocodile and countless others.

In addition, approximately 180 species of birds have been recorded to be housed by the park. And they include secretary bird, ground hornbill, jugglers, oriole warbler, great white pelicans and other rare pale arctic migrants.

The Climate exhibits wet and dry seasons from April to November and November to April respectively. The mean annual rainfall is 1100 to 1200mm for about 200 days.

It is, however, important to note that at Kainji Lake National Park, you can enjoy wilds-experience, conservation-education-lectures, easy housing and restaurant, boating on the lake; including a tour of Hydropower station, tour of cultural places, fishing, sightseeing, camping facilities, indoor games and movies cabled from the satellite network.

And for the record, there are two rivers in the park namely, Oli Menei, Doro and Manyara Rivers.


This is a very safe location. But please, don't wander around without a guide

What to bring?

Before heading to Kainji lake national park, here are some helpful things to take along with you:

  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Light clothing
  • Walking shoes

What are the things to do while at Kainji lake national park?

These are the following things you can do while you're here:

  • See the wildlife
  • Explore nature