The Temple Management Company’s Art Division presents "It’s Not Furniture."

The event, which will be held at the Omenka Gallery, Lagos between May 27 and June 9, 2017, will see a gathering of Art enthusiasts, collectors and works from six contemporary artists ranging from Mixed media to Charcoal drawings.

The concept of the exhibition declares that art is not furniture but a representation of the life, belief and culture of young contemporary individuals.

Working with established artists, such as; Marcellina Akpojotor, ​Logo Oluwamuyiwa, Ken Nwadiogbu, Fola David, John Madu and Jeiken Lato-Unah, the inaugural exhibition hopes to cement their global presence and to create a name for them in the local scene.

Temple Art Manager, Winifred Okpapi, said: “Temple Arts aims to create artistic experiences that catalyse cultural exchanges, connect communities, and engage the public's imagination.

“Our annual exhibition serves as a platform to encourage emerging contemporary artists’ adventurous experimentation and creativity.”

These artists will be showing their works through the uniqueness of various artistic expressions, with the background of Nigeria in modern times.

Temple Arts aims to stage an annual showcase for emerging young contemporary artists in Nigeria. The exhibition will demonstrate the influence of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, ideas, and other aspects of culture, through the uniqueness of various artistic expressions, with the background of Nigerian heritage.

New artists will be selected each year and go through a period of experimentation to discover new media and present new works that have not been seen before.

Exhibition details

Date: 27th May to 9th June 2017

Venue: Omenka Gallery, 24 Ikoyi Crescent, Ikoyi

Admission: FREE