In Irish tradition, the pot of gold is supposed to be at the end of a rainbow but here, it was found in a basement of an

In the basement of an old abandoned Italian theatre was a pot of actual gold. The Cressoni Theatre, where the coins were found, is home to many other important Roman artefacts. It is a historic theatre opened in 1807 which was later converted to a cinema. However, the theatre closed down in 1997.

Last week, during an archaeological dig in a bid to turn the area to a residential area, a broken soapstone amphora was found at the basement of the Cressoni theatre in Como, northern Italy. The amphora is a kind of ancient stone urn with an unusual shape.

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The shiny contents were spotted through a crack in the urn. When historians investigated the urn, an estimated 300 gold coins were found inside, said to be from the Roman Imperial era in the 5th century.

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The announcement from the Ministry of Italian culture says: "Hundreds of gold coins of the late imperial era have been found in the center of Como, in a stone bowl soap of unusual shape. 'A discovery that fills me with pride,' said Minister."

The minister of Italy's Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Alberto Bonisoli, said in a press release:

"We do not yet know in detail the historical and cultural significance of the find. But that area is proving to be a real treasure for our archeology. A discovery that fills me with pride."

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The historians were able to determine the era from the clear engravings and images on the coins which are still in perfect condition. The coins were rolled in a very tight manner but historians have been able to separate 27 coins so far. All the coins are worth millions today, though authorities say the discovery is of inestimable value.

So, what would you do if you found gold in your house?