Whilst many fade into obscurity, once in a while, we discover a gem that quickly becomes a fave with everybody. This year's winner HAS to be The TeaRoom, Lagos'first and best brunch spot by serial entrepreneur, Denike Balogun.

With it's beautiful artwork and sea of flowers, The TeaRoom has become one of the most snapped restaurants in the city.

Beautiful decoration at The TeaRoom Lagos
Beautiful decoration at The TeaRoom Lagos

According to their website, their story goes:

If there was a world made up of pastels and mauves, a world that is a mood in itself, then the The Tea Room would be it.

The Tea Room ushers you into a world of floristry, culinary delights, specialty cocktails and a selection of the worlds best teas.

With a wide variety of selections to be made, The Tea Room is designed to offer so much more in the form of its ambience and spirit.

With the promise of an unforgettable experience, The Tea Room creates a picturesque space where every corner is picture perfect, with an eclectic mix of vintage nick nacks and delightful scents.

From the color tones to the chandeliers dripping with flowery perfection, the bar setup to the settees and portraits, The Tea Room is rigged to set you at ease any time you walk in.

The Tea Room offers a wide range of varieties to suit all tastes and indulgences, all world class products, along with impeccable service delivery.

At the tearoom every “bite tells a story”.

Serving everything from High Tea, to freshly baked pastries and delicious, cheeky cocktails, The TeaRoom is a must-visit.

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