Nigeria is 59 today and she has definitely come a long way.

The pictures shared here should remind you of the good old days. Our transition and struggles before evolving into what we are now.

1. This was the historic city of Kano in the 1950s

Kano, 1950s [Credit - Nairaland Forum]
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2. The Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina Lagos

[Credit - Travel Start]
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3. Yaba, Lagos

Yaba, Lagos [Credit - TravelStart]
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4. Carter bridge back then

Carter Bridge [Credit - BuzzNigeria]
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5. Broad Street, Lagos.

Broad Street [Credit - Hotels]
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6. University of Ibadan, the first university in Nigeria

University of Ibadan [Journal]
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7. Central bank of Nigeria, Lagos

Central Bank [Credit - Lost Photos]
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8. Asaba-Onitsha ferry crossing in 1959

Asaba-Onitsha Frerry Crossing, I959 [Money Matter Travels]
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9. Yakubu Gowon's hand-signed wedding picture

General and Mrs Yakubu Gowon on their Wedding Day in Lagos, April 19th, 1969 [Nigerian Nostalgia Project]
Nigeria Nostalgia Project

10. London and Kano trading company

London and Kano Trading Company [Credit - Lost Nigeria]
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