Have a desire to visit a peaceful holiday destination here in Lagos?

The pictorial landscapes, exotic beaches and superlative hospitality of the luxury resort of Inagbe can be a perfect “check-in”.

Situated off the coast of Lagos in Festac and surrounded by undulating sand dunes and trees all around, this ocean resort gives a nice soothing experience and has over 40 rooms.

With Lagos tourist season currently on, the state, which sees visitors from across the world, has a lot to offer in terms of experiences including its delightful resorts. Couples on romantic getaways and families will also be enthused about trying out the adventures this golden resort has on offer.

With an open-air dining area and activities like horse riding, kayaking, quad biking and jet skiing, this place fits the idea of a perfect holiday destination with family or friends.

The resort will arrange your transportation from their jetty to and fro for N18,000. Sit back and enjoy a thrilling ride on a speedboat for 20minutes or more.

Room rates range from N40,000 and above. Suites come with living rooms, open-air dining rooms and luxurious bathrooms. The resort also boasts a state of the art gym, game room, halls and conference room.

Guests would be surprised to find a huge stable on arrival. Watch foals try to walk for the first time and experience a unique outdoor dining experience with the horses as the sun sets.

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Various activities like beach parties, bonfire, fishing and boat riding are on offer. A pickup is always available to carry you to the oceanfront which boasts of a pool and several cabanas.

Enjoy sunsets and sunrise at the beach and watch local residents go about their daily activities.

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