Locals enthusiastically participate, with the hopes of being voted best in the scarecrow show.

This year's competition, which is part of the Yarramalong Valley Spring Festival had interesting scarecrow characters. Some of them are Pokemon, Kim Kardarshian, and Star Trek characters.

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The Festival, an annual event since 2008, is celebrated on behalf of the Yarramalong Valley Communities. The festival is supported by the Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The show ran from Saturday, August 27, 2016 through Sunday, September 11, 2016. Entry to the show cost 20 Dollars.

The prizes were divided into three different categories. They are ‘traditional’, ‘humorous and creative’ and 'peoples choice'.

The traditional and humorous and creative categories were deliberated upon by a panel who judged the entries. Peoples choice on the other hand was voted for by the general public on the website.