Tomatoes may be scarce in the market right now, but it doesn't mean this will remain the case forever.

At some point, the scarcity will abate and we'll go back to enjoying tomato-inspired recipes just like old times, so definitely pay attention to this great hack.

We've all been at that point when we desperately need to make a tomato puree but have no ready access to a blender either due to power failure, or simply because we do not own one.

Food vlogger, All Nigerian Recipes shares a simple hack to creating a smooth tomato puree without the use of a blender.

  • First off, wash and remove the seeds from your fresh tomatoes and cut them into small pieces,
  • Boil till very soft, but do not let the water dry off completely,
  • Transfer your boiled tomatoes, while it is very hot, to a wire mess. It's important to use a wired mesh and not a perforated one as the latter does not do such a great job of making a smooth tomato puree.
  • Using a spoon squeeze the tomato through the mesh into a bowl till you have the roughages left in the mess, and a smooth puree in the bowl.

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There you have smooth tomato puree, without the use of a blender. So, no more panicking if there's a sudden power cut while you're cooking.

Do you have any other great food hacks that you use? Kindly share with us.