Meet Harmonia Rosales, 33-year-old artist from Chicago.

Rosales grew up loving classic paintings including Michelangelo’s a piece painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel that thousands of people visit each year.

Rosales said that early exposure to famous paintings such as “The Creation of Adam,” “helped to define” her understanding of the world.

“It was only later when I realised that the frame that was set by the masters excluded so much more than it included,” she added. “What was included was a Eurocentric view of the world, and in this case, the heavens. What was excluded was all the rest of us.”

"I wanted to take a significant painting, a widely recognised painting that subconsciously or consciously conditions us to see white male figures as powerful and authoritative and flip the script, establish a counter-narrative,"

Rosales replaces the white male figures that represent Jesus, God and angels with black women in her oil in canvas painting she titles "The creation of God."

“We have been taught that God created ‘man’ in his own image. In fact, we have created God in our own image,” Rosales said of her work’s title.

Obviously, Rosales used this familiar painting in order to challenge people to think critically.

“So ‘God’ is whoever we want God to be, a representation of the ideal, of the divine, of wisdom and love and pure creativity.”

“The point here is to consider why we have accepted our historical representation of the beginning of life, of the Creator,” Rosales said.

“Does this original representation exclude something very important? Yes, and yes. Women, and people of colour. I wanted people to consider creation through a different lens — a tinted one, if you will -that in turn would cause us to consider the way we see everything else we have been taught to see.”

Well, hope this painting does explain a lot to those who have got the perfect white guy representation of God.