A limited budget can make travel seem impossible especially on a small income. Here are some travel tips to balling on a budget.

The average earnings for a school leaver in Nigeria is ₦20,250 while the average earnings for a director are ₦250,000. However, no matter the income or budget, if one is set to travel, there are ways to cut back on unnecessary expenses and still have fun during the trip.

1. Pick a country/destination where you can easily communicate

Due to language barriers, this is a really important factor. If you plan to haggle and use shortcuts, you should be able to relate and communicate well with locals. That way, locals won't really see you as touristy and hike the prices. Even if they do, you could easily haggle. However, here is how to get by in a country where you do not know the language.

2. Do your research

Before going to a destination, one has to do extensive research on activities and basic prices, such as transport fares, exchange rate, accommodation prices, entry fees, etc. This is so as to not get any surprise expenses along the way. Not only that, build an extensive itinerary as well.

3. Go in a group

After doing your research, you may realise that prices at your choice destination are a little bit higher than your budget. Not to worry. One of the best ways to go around such a challenge is to go with a group of people. Splitting the bills amongst a group is a great way to cut costs on a trip. However, you can plan the trip with just another person to split the bills with you, if you don't want a crowd.

4. Book flights months before

Timing when you book your flight is important. A great money saving tip is to purchase your ticket at least 3 months in advance. You’ll end up saving money and have extra money to spend on vacation. Check out the secrets to booking cheap flights.

5. Travel off-season

Travelling during a major holiday can be very expensive. During summer, for instance, prices of flights and hotels are horribly inflated to get the most out of travellers. It can even affect things as little as entry fees.

6. Avoid hotels

Hotels, as a budget traveller, aren't really your friend. Go to a city where you know someone, who can house you. Or lean towards hostels, which are cheap housing arrangements for tourists. Or use a travel app. Air BnB is one of the most popular lodging app there is (not really in Nigeria). You can also try the Couchsurfing app where people can host you for free in their cities (care has to be taken on this one). If you really have to use a hotel, then book using booking.com, hotels.ng, where you can get discounted prices.

7. Avoid eating out

Eating at a restaurant or hotel can be very expensive. Save your money by either cooking at your AirBnB rental or buying food and drinks from supermarket/food mart.

8. Hitchhike

This is tricky but a good way to cut the costs of transport. More money goes into enjoying yourself during your trip. Just be careful and watchful when driving with strangers.