Lagos is the hub of Nigeria renowned for its street food vendors and food mongers who throng these places every day.

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Below is a list of the best street food places in Lagos that make it one of the best places to make your taste buds craving for more!

1. Allen Avenue

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Located in the heart of Lagos close to the International airport, Allen Avenue is renowned for the huge number of shops selling food. From rice to beans and every delicacy you can think of. They are very budget-friendly and you can eat to your taste buds content!

2. Yaba

One of the hidden gems of Yaba is White house, the most popular 'mama put' in the area that serves the best amala in Lagos. Having the filling of assorted meat with ewedu and amala is totally mouthwatering!

3. Surulere

The list of popular street food places is incomplete without mentioning Surulere. Surulere is popular amongst everyone for their street food and amazing nightlife. The array of snacks is quite extensive and at an average cost of N300, this area is just too good.

4. Lekki

Not everyone would be comfortable to go down to the mainland to satisfy their taste buds, for such individuals Lekki Phase 1 is the solution. The area has some great restaurant for those who want to taste delicious street food in Lekki without venturing much. Owing to its location in the posh area of Lagos, these places have got great expats visiting them. The cost is a bit steep though but so is the taste!