The 2nd edition of the GTBank food and drink fair brought with it quite a number of exciting and thrilling moments for everyone at the event.

The event, so far, covered not just food and drinks but fun, fun and fun. I mean, there's a lot of fun activities to go round for everyone.

1. Food!!!

Let's start with the food part of the fun. You know how those hormones in your system get all so excited at the sight and aroma of food. Well, that's a good place to start the fair, with all kinds of food around that, you'd even run out of ideas and choices to pick. I mean, even if you're into fit fam and any other kind of diet plan, there's more than enough for everyone. The wide variety of cuisines at the fair has us all salivating with our eyeballs bulging out of the sockets at the sights of each colourful and amazing recipe we come across depending on our taste.

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2. Wider varieties to explore

Asides from the variety of foods available to pick and buy from, we got to taste other delicacies. Thanks to our experienced chefs, some of us who haven't travelled outside the continent now have an idea of what some Non-African food taste like. I mean, we got to taste some of those Italian recipes, some of those US recipes and a whole lot more. So yeah, we now have a versatile taste bud. Lol

3. The event was flooded with lots of people

And yeah, did I forget to mention, not only did we have lots of food everywhere, there were equally lots of people. So, there was no getting bored at all. I mean, even if you aren't interested in food, you'll definitely be interested in people of all kinds.

4. Aha! Exhibitions!!!

How do I even describe the exhibitions, from the farmers market to the food exhibitions?

There was literally everything that spells or fit into the word food present there, from their raw state to the finished product state. Livestock, vegetables, fruits, spices, drinks, evening snacks, dessert, appetisers, gums, sweets, alcohols, candies and any other thing you can think of, as long as it is fit for consumption.

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5. Networking!!!

What is the idea behind having a whole lot of people to meet with without having to network.

6. The master classes were dope

The master classes was super dope. The fact that we had experienced and well exposed chef take the classes made it worth calling a master class, not a B. Sc class. Lol.

We learnt from their experiences as chefs and their wealth of knowledge to help us in our different sectors and fields.

What more can a food event offer other than these? We're so looking forward to the next edition of GT Bank food and drink fair. We know it's gonna be awesome!