Attention 'Breaking Bad' fans in and around London, for about 30 pounds (about N9,200), you get to relieve a moment in the life of Walter White aka 'Heisenberg' and side-kick, Jesse.

Intrigued? We certainly are.

A pop-up bar called ABQ, named after the setting of Breaking Bad in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which promises to offer an intoxicating drinking experience has been set up in London.

While crystal-pure blue meth won't be on the menu, there promises to be an offer of delicious cocktails.

The bar is set up in a large RV, which will hold up to 22 people at a time, just like Walter and Jesse set up their operation in the early days of 'Breaking Bad'.

According to Mashable, there already is a guest list of more than 18,000 - hello fans of 'Heisenberg'!

Priced at £30 (about N9,200) for 2 drinks, customers will be able to "cook" their own craft cocktails with the help of ABQ's mixologists.

ABQ will be serving the London area starting July and will run for 3 months, there are also no set plans for another location.

According to  Locappy founder and creator of ABQ Seb Lyall, guests will enjoy 2-hour cocktail mixing sessions with their reservations and the bar will be decked out with all kinds of 'Breaking Bad' paraphernalia such as gas masks, blue meth crystals and chemistry flasks.