'Gaslighting' is the most searched word of 2022, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary

November 29th 2022, 9:54:33 am

How many times did you hear gaslighting this year? Quite a number of times we are sure. It was so common people began misusing it.

The 1944 movie, Gaslight [theworld]

I’s not surprising that 'Gaslighting' Merriam-Webster's Dictionary most searched word. People usually say it when people try to minimise their emotions about an event or their actions.

Some of the other most searched words were 'sentient,' 'omicron,' and 'queen consort,’. Omicron probably because it’s a variant of the coronavirus and Queen consort because of Camilla's new role following King Charles's ascension.

According to Merriam-Webster, gaslighting is “the act or practice of grossly misleading someone, especially for one’s advantage.”

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In 2022, the search for the word increased by 1740% with many people interested in the meaning.

The origin of gaslighting was a 1938 play and 1944 movie 'Gaslight' where a husband attempts to convince his wife that she is the only one seeing gas light in the attic, so she would think she’s insane and he could steal from her.

Temi Iwalaiye
Temi Iwalaiye is a lifestyle Reporter at Pulse. She loves to write - about anything and everything.


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