Ogbono (Ibo) or Apon (Yoruba), is the seed of the African wild mango (Oro). The seed is dried and then grinded in order to make Ogbono soup powder.

The soup is best served with fufu, pounded yam, eba, or sermo.

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Ingredients for making Ogbono


Chopped pumpkin leaves or Bitterleaf (Nicely chopped)

Ogbono (Ground)

Dried fish



Crayfish (Ground)

Shelled periwinkle

Chilli Pepper

Stock cubes

Palm oil



Preparation of Ogbono

1. Season and boil the meat. When the meat is almost soft add the stockfish and kpomo.

2. In a different pot, boil the periwinkle in salt water and wash properly.

3. Add the ogbono, perewinkle and palm oil into the meat pot and cook for about 5mins.

4. Add the chopped pumpkin leaves or bitterleaf, crayfish and seasoning.

5. Boil for another 3 mins, add salt to taste.