West Africa is known for its flavours and healthy fruit and vegetable-based foods.

The food is appreciated by visitors to the region and beyond. From West Africa with love, here are some of the tastiest dishes you must try.

1. Jollof Rice

Every West African country has its own version of this dish dreams are made of. Jollof rice is a tomatoey rice dish with lots of pepper, crayfish, crabs, shrimps and what not.

2. Kenkey

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Kenkey is a staple dish from the Ga, inhabited regions of West Africa, usually served with shitto, pepper sauce and fried fish.

3. Palaver sauce

Palaver sauce or Palava sauce or Plasas is a type of stew widely eaten in West Africa, including Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

It has regional variations and can contain beef, fish, shrimp, pepitas, cassava, cocoyam leaves, and palm oil. It is served with boiled rice, potatoes, garri, fufu or yams.

4. Ewa Goyin

Mashed beans with good pepper sauce. The sauce is made from blended dried chillies, onions, lots of palm oil, and seasoning.

5. Fufu

Fufu is a staple food, common in many West African countries. It is often made with cassava and green Plantain Flour. Other flours, such as semolina, maize flour or mashed plantains may take the place of cassava flour.

6. Thieboudienne

This traditional Senegalese dish is made from rice, fish and tomato sauce and is flavoured with spiced onions, carrots, cabbage, cassava and peanut oil.

7. Waakye

Waakye is the most popular meal in Ghana. A typical Waakye dish combines beans, rice, moist garri, stew and spaghetti. It is usually served with fish, meat or boiled eggs. Kelewele (spiced plantain) and a vegetable salad are other extras that take Waakye to a whole new level.

8. Superkanja

This is a Gambian stew full of leafy greens combined with onions, chilli peppers and fish or meat, variations of this dish are found all over West Africa, such as the Ghanaian kontomire.

9. Chicken Yassa

Spicy and delicious Yassa is made of onions, garlic, peppers and cabbage that is topped with chicken marinated with lemon and onions. It is one of the most popular food items in Senegal.

10. Ndole

Ndole is a dish made of bitter leaves, stewed nuts, crushed spices and fish or beef. It is usually eaten with plantains, rice or potatoes in Cameroon.