Five things to consider when you plan to japa

September 30th 2022, 6:05:42 pm

How to become a migration-ready Nigerian in 2022.

Five things to consider when you plan to japa

We won’t be surprised to find that as you’re reading this, you’re either at the beginning, midpoint or concluding part of your japa plans. Many who have not begun are really considering the option. That’s how much japa has become a thing for young Nigerians right now.

But before you actually proceed, here are important things to consider for your japa attempts.

5 questions that’ll help you become japa-ready as a Nigerian

If everyone could afford it, the number of Nigerians leaving the country would be more than what it currently is. So, of course, you want to count the cost before setting your travel plans in motion. That goes without saying so we won’t dwell too much on it. This second point below is also very important, but less spoken about…

From all important indicators, Nigeria is in such an unpleasant phase right now and life everywhere else may feel like a better option. In reality, however, even though the grass on the other side may be greener, crossing over usually comes with moving alone as opposed to being part of a pack; a community of family, friends and other wholesome connections you have built and maintained here over the years. Travelling out of the country is great, but as many Nigerians who have japa’ed would confirm to you, it does get solitary and lonely over there sometimes. So you want to prepare yourself mentally for that emotional part of the journey.

But the impact of that doesn’t have to bite too harshly, and neither should the phase have to go on for too long. The next point provides a possible way out.

If there is anything we are proud of Nigerians for getting right during this japa wave, it is the strength of community. From Whatsapp pages to social media forums, Nigerians are using these channels to help those preparing to travel out, and those who have just arrived and are in need of help to settle in and acclimatise. You’ll feel less alone if you have got this community.

Churches, mosques and religious bodies are known to also help with easing you in. Other Africans can be just as great for community. People from Caribbean countries also seem to share a kindred spirit with us Nigerians, so you may find community with those groups as well.

For example, UK’s Study Visa allows you to stay back after your education to seek work opportunities. Canada and USA also have their own specific modes of granting migrants entry to the country. Germany has become a hotbed for Tech professionals in recent years, while doctors and nurses continue to have a better shot at entry into many countries due to an ever-available need for their expertise.

So as you’re planning to emigrate, keep an eye out for jobs available to you and the opportunities that can be advantageous when you arrive at your destination.

Culturally, giving back is still very big for us as Nigerians. Some people have partners and maybe kids back home, some have parents while others have siblings and other dependants. Maybe for you, it’s one or two of the groups we just described. Being able to support all these people would definitely be top of mind as you prepare to leave for your new dispensation. But how do you support them when sending funds comes with so many hassles and difficulties? This is why you want to look out for financial solutions that cater to this need effectively, even before you leave.

For instance, Taptap Send helps you move money quickly, securely and easily to Nigeria particularly if you are in USA. Believe us, speed and ease of sending money are two things you’ll come to treasure after you’ve successfully japa’ed. So you won’t say we didn’t do anything for you, click here to get the easy-to-use Taptap Send mobile app. You can also send money to other African, Asian and Caribbean countries from the app.


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