Fifi, it was gathered, will throw open the doors of the upscale restaurant known as JamoAfrique, on Friday, October 7, 2016.

Situated inside Oniru Estate, Lagos, the Afro-Caribbean upscale restaurant, was unofficially launched when Fifi hosted her long list of celebrity friends for her birthday party.

Speaking on the achievement, Fifi said: "It’s been a long time coming but I thank God we are here today to show results of the hardwork I’ve put in with my work and the fantastic support from my husband. From here on, its more work and dedication to build and sustain this new brand’.

Fifi further explained that the berth of the new restaurant will cater for the Afro-Carribean demography in Nigeria - most especially in Lagos.

"The restaurant is bringing something fresh and new to the table because there are several restaurants in Lagos and on Victoria Island but you will agree with me that none has been catering for the Afro-Carribeans in totality like JamoAfrique will be doing," she said.

A fashionista, Fifi says she intends to stamp her feet in the hospitality world with the berth of her restaurant.