A former prison in Segovia, Spain is currently housing more than 20 art projects.

These include paintings, sculptures, installations and even film and sound pieces. The exhibition is titled 'Galerias' and it will run till October 16, 2016.

La Cárcel, Segovia Centro de Creación, The Prison, Segovia Creation Center used to be the Segovia provincial jail as well as a central women’s prison under the dictatorship regime of Franco.

An installation of colourful threads in red, brown, yellow and blue colours are woven across the railings of the former prison.

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The splash of color, titled 'Tension' is an emblem of the new function of the building structure. The project was created by Heir Clara Soto and Jaime Velasco Pérez.

The artworks displayed at this museum however, do not dissociate themselves from the original function and identity of the building.

These works, in different art mediums explore nuances of isolation, suffocation and resistance. An installation made up of portraits of former female prisoners as well as a sculpture featuring a distorted woman half covered in dirty bedsheets is called 'In rem scripta'.

This piece of art pays homage to hunger strikes organised by the prisoners in the 1940s and 50s. The project was created by Desi Civera and sculpture by Joaquín Jara.