Driftscape is a futuristic hotel that allows guests sleep in personal pods. These pods can fly with the help of drones.

Guests may go with their flying pods to just about much anywhere on the pre-planned excursion paths.

With the floating capability, your pod becomes a private island.

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The Driftscape pods, after floating on their own, would be able to return to a larger hub that has a lounge, a restaurant and a courtyard.

The hotel is still a design concept, and there are no plans to actually build it for now. However, all that could change very soon as the design concept is a finalist for 2016 Radical Innovation Award.

The Radical Innovation Award is a prize rewarding innovation and ideas in the hotel industry every year.

If the Driftscape design is selected, the designers at HOK architectural firm will be gifted a cash prize that will help them transform their design into reality.