From sandy beaches to lush valleys and rugged mountains, here are some cities in the U.S that inspire romance with their scenery:

1. San Francisco, California:

Here, you and your love interest can ride the trolley, hike at Lands End and take a boat ride on Stow Lake. If you are looking for magical, romantic moments and places to bond, head to San Francisco.

There are some nude beaches which may or may not be as romantic as you think. it depends on whatever floats you and your partner's boats.

2. San Juan, Puerto Rico:

Filled with colorful Spanish colonial row houses set on winding streets, this city is where love comes alive. The waterfront island where Old San Juan is located is surrounded by a 42 feet wall.

This US territory has beautiful and picturesque scenes and nice structures such as the 16th-century citadel Morro Castle and the huge La Fortaleza that was built in 1540.

What's more, the beaches are top quality too.

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3. Miami, Florida:

The air in Miami seems to hums with sex, the aura is thick in the air, it is not something you can ignore. Little Havana is the perfect place for a romantic date.

The beaches are also a great place to start exploring Miami, away from the countless rooftop bars and rooftop pools.

The hottest pool parties are held in this city, and the nightclubs are not bad too.

4. Eureka Springs, Arkansas:

This small town is a gem and it'd take a while before you find a town as romantic as this. The city is full of historic Victorian architecture and winding streets.

The city is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, so there is no better place for lovers of nature and history to go on a date.

Apart from the fascinating architecture, you can enjoy mother nature at her finest by hiking in the forests or taking boat rides on the lake.

5. Newport, Rhode Island:

The city is best known for the popular Newport Folk Festival in the summer, you can visit at any time of the year.

This enchanting place has cobblestone streets and beautiful beaches with lighthouses and rocky cliffs. There are spectacular historic mansions that are bound to remind you of fairy tales.