While on a trip to Nigeria, it is good to familiarise yourself with these 10 Nigerian customs contrabands that mustn't be in your possession.

Whenever people travel, shopping is most times in their itinerary. However, dealing with fussy Customs officials isn't something anyone looks forward to. If you want to have a smooth arrival into Nigeria, you need to look out for these things.

1. Pharmaceutical products

Carrying your medication in your suitcase may be overlooked, or in carry-on if you have the prescription for it. However, carrying drugs in large quantities are not allowed.

2. Souvenirs over NGN 50,000

Gifts, souvenirs and luxury goods, except phones and other gadgets, that exceed N50,000 in worth are prohibited. Be careful what you buy.

3. Hard currency

Carrying currency that exceeds $5,000 will make you a suspect of money laundering in Nigeria. You may be prosecuted.

4. Live animals

If you are carrying pets such as dogs and cats, you must carry their rabies and health certificate issued by a certified veterinary. However, other types of live or dead animals are contraband.

5. Fresh foods

Carrying fresh vegetables or preserved foods from another country to Nigeria is completely prohibited.

6. Hard drugs

If you have any form of hard drugs on you such as marijuana, cocaine, heroine, etc, you'll much likely be arrested and thrown in jail.

7. Sharp objects

Sharp objects or anything that can cause injuries are prohibited in carry-on luggage. Better to avoid it or remove it and pack in your suitcase before you check in.

8. Firearms/weapons

This goes without saying. Gun, explosives or any type of firearms are complete contrabands. If you are carrying a gun, you have to declare it or have permits for it.

9. Some jewellery/precious metals

Many Nigerians like to import jewellery when they travel to exotic destinations such as Dubai. However, one has to be careful what kind of jewellery they bring in. It is better to declare the jewellery to customs upon arrival else, they might be seized.

10. Alcohol

If you have imported beer, wine or alcohol is in bag, there is a high chance Nigerian Customs officials will seize it.