Ever wanted to travel round Nigeria but was unsure about road travel? Train travel is your answer. These are the five train trips you must make in Nigeria.

In the past, road travel has always been the best way to move around Nigeria, but due to the recent crises around the country, it hasn't been the safest way to travel. However, Nigeria does have some scenic drives one has to take in Nigeria.

With the new rail lines that have been installed round the country, train travel is becoming a more desirable means of travel. Even though the journeys are longer than road, take the more poetic option, grab a book and travel round Nigeria via any of these routes.

1. Abuja to Kaduna

The trip from Abuja to Kaduna is one of the most recent routes in Nigeria. The coaches are new and comfortable, even though the fare is affordable. Estimated time is 2 hours 30 minutes, stops inclusive.

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2. Lagos to Ibadan

The trip from Lagos to Ibadan via train is about 8 hours which is much longer in comparison with the 3 hours by road. Stops are inclusive. Fare is N250.

3. Abuja to Lagos

There isn't a direct route but the trip can be done from Abuja to Kaduna and then from Kaduna to Lagos. Estimated time is about 29 hours.

4. Lagos to Kano

The trip to Kano from Lagos is 35 hours and is quite expensive. The fares are:

Second Class Standard N1,930 First Class (A/C) N2,890 First Class (A/C Sleeper) N4,990

5. Lagos to Abeokuta

Lagos to Ogun state is one of the most plied route in Nigeria. Fare is also N250.