Be(com)ing Nigerian: A guide is set to be released on February 6, 2019.

Elnathan John is a self-proclaimed satirist and author behind the brilliant debut novel, Born on a Tuesday, a heart-rending commentary on contemporary northern Nigeria. Born on a Tuesday went on to win the Betty Trask Award in 2017, was shortlisted for 2016 NLNG prize and longlisted for the Etisalat Prize for African Literature in 2017. It was also translated to German and French.

Elnathan John, author of Born on a Tuesday [The nerve africa]
Elnathan John, author of Born on a Tuesday [The nerve africa]
The Nerve Africa

After a long wait and relentless pining from fans, his home publishers, Cassava Republic Press, are now set to publish another anticipated work of art, a fun but intentional jab at what it is like being a Nigerian.

For years, Elnathan has documented his love for satire on Twitter and his personal blog, and had always pushed for the clear distinction between satire and comedy. Finally, he put together a satirical collection.

This is especially timely, in the wake of the forthcoming Nigerian elections in February, as his favourite topic is Power dynamics in Nigerian politics. The collection is also set to be released on February 6.

From the synopsis, Be(com)ing Nigerian: A guide is described as "a satirical collection that takes a searing look at how different forms of power are abused, negotiated and performed both in the private and public realm.

Through attempting to satirise those who abuse privilege or power, it recognises that power can be found everywhere: in politics, business, religious institutions and in homes."

Another cover of Elnathan john's  Becoming Nigerian []
Another cover of Elnathan john's Becoming Nigerian []

"From the exploration of religious hypocrisy in How To Worship The Nigerian God, to A Letter to My Future Kidnapper which tackles the growing scourge of kidnapping, the collection is a jab at Nigerian society and what it means to be a Nigerian. Beyond poking fun at the holders of power, it is a summon, a provocation and a call for introspection among all levels of society. As it is often said in Nigeria, when you point with one finger, there are four others pointing back at you. This is an engrossing read for Nigerian watchers, and strangers to Nigeria alike, with it’s tongue-in-cheek look at Nigeria’s relationship to the world, both culturally and politically."

Knowing Elnathan, this will be all shades of witty while poking at the right places. Nigerians and Africans alike will be able to read and relate.

The book is now ready for preorder. Read a teaser Cassava Republic put out:

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