Though tourists are flooding into Morocco each season, there are some practices everyone should stay away from.

Morocco is home to one of the most beautiful cities in Africa and some of the most hypnotic street markets.

1. Never disrespect Islam

Islam is the prime religion in Morocco and 90% of the population subscribe to it. Do not offend your host or the locals around by making comments or opinions that might be considered controversial. Also, obey all the rules of the religion when it comes to dressing and sacred holy grounds.

2. Do not walk around in swimwear

Like many parts of the world, religion influence culture. Because of Morocco's deep roots in Islam, dressing and modesty is a huge deal in the country. While in Morocco, stick to the cultural and religious norms by dressing fairly conservative. Wear swimwear and beachwear only in pool and beach areas, and cover up when leaving these areas to avoid harassment and offending the locals.

3. Never disrespect the monarchy

In case you didn't know, Morocco has a king/monarchy. Mocking or speaking ill about the king is illegal and can lead to a jail sentence of up to three years according to Morocco's lèse–majesté . While in Morocco, behave and obey the laws of lèse–majesté.

4. Don't use your left hand to eat

Like in many cultures, the left hand is the what Moroccans use to clean after using the toilet, so it is generally considered unclean, since most foods are eaten with bare hands. Though not as scandalous as the others, it's disrespectful and will lead to many raised eyebrows.

5. Don't forget to visit the markets

The souks (traditional markets) of Morocco are one of the most enchanting yet hectic places to visit. It's like something out of an ‘Arabian Nights’ tale. It is popular for its narrow alleyways, high-end spices, bicycles being fixed, carpet sellers following you around and skinned goats hanging from high-strung hooks.