Meet Diseye Tantua, the incredible Nigerian artist who creates art from car parts.

Tantua, a Port Harcourt-based pop-art artist and painter, is a graduate of the department of Fine and Applied Art at the Rivers State University of Education, now Ignatius Ajulu University.

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Tantua's unusual technique mixes street slang, vernacular and proverbs to create a stylish combination of drawings and calligraphy that are inspired by the profound social and economic changes affecting Nigeria.

Instead of using wood or other popular media to produce furniture, he makes do with car parts. Using vintage cars, his father’s classic Mercedes-Benz inclusive, Tantua has created chairs, couches and tables that have been welded and painted to breathe new life into the salvaged car parts.

His creativity which reflects in his art pieces goes a long way to display the beauty of art.

Nice one Mr Tantua.