China is the

Home of the Great wall of China and titled as one of the scariest travel destinations, China keeps finding new and increasingly nerve-racking ways to attract and entertain tourists.

The 21196-kilometre Great Wall has been in existence for over 2300 years to protect different territorial borders. It also boasts of 70000 people per day, to just one section. This high number of tourists has caused a recurring theme in tourist cites developed in China, even more with the recent opening of the 202-meter-high glass observation deck in Qingyuan City. It extends 72 meters from the edge of the cliff at the scenic spot of Gulongxia.

Since the Great Wall of China, the longest wall in the world, the country has developed seven more outstanding landmarks that keep making headlines for record breaking.

Potential world’s longest glass U-shaped bridge, at Fuxi Mountain, Henan

The latest potential record-breaker is a glass-and-steel skywalk at Fuxi Mountain in Henan province, central China. The new bridge extends 30 meters beyond the cliff edge at 360 meters above ground level, trumping other U-shaped wonders such as Arizona’s Grand Canyon Skywalk, which juts out a mere 21 meters over the epic US gorge.

Hiking horror at Mount Huashan, Shaanxi

The paths are genuinely terrifying, consisting of modest foot-grooves cut into a 2,090 meter-high (6,857 feet) sheer rock face and rusting metal bars serving as makeshift vertical staircases. The path is just 0.3 meters (1 foot) at its widest.

The three glass walkways of Tianmen Mountain, Hunan

Not content with just one glass-bottomed walkway, Tianmen Mountain in Hunan province, southern China, has three, the most recent of which opened in 2016. For adrenaline junkies, is the world’s longest cable car ride, which spans seven kilometers and takes 30 minutes to complete at Tongtian Avenue.

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The cracking glass walkway in East Taihang, Hebei

Remember the viral video of a man on a cracking glass bridge? This is it.

The walkway is 1,180 meters (3,871 feet) above sea level. Shattered glass fragments were placed underneath solid panels to make the walkway look and sound as though it’s splintering when trodden upon. However, the walkway is safe to traverse.

World’s longest glass bridge at Hongyagu, Hebei

The 488 meter-long glass bridge is made up of 1,077 glass panels of four centimeters thickness, strings together two peaks above a drop of 218 meters. Swaying suspension cables add to the fun experience.

Biggest glass viewing platform at Shilinxia, Beijing

Jutting 32.8 meters over the edge of a 396 meter valley, the Shilinxia Viewing Platform stretches a whole 11 meters farther than the Grand Canyon Skywalk and nearly three meters farther than the Fuxi Mountain Skywalk.

The rickety Sky Ladder at Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan

There’s no safety equipment whatsoever, and the 170-odd rungs are so narrow, a slick of rain (or a cold sweat) could easily dislodge a white-knuckle grip. Sensible shoes and a cool head are needed while ascending from the abyss from the Jinsha river, which reaches 3,790 meters at the gorge’s highest point. Don’t look down.