According to locals, you can go in from one state and come out from another. This

On one hand, is an obscure three-kilometre-long cave in Ezeagu local government of Enugu state. Counted as part of the natural attractions at the Ezeagu Tourist Complex, the cave is a hike away from the general site and is full of tunnels and chambers. The complex also features exotic foliage, a beautiful waterfall, a natural spring and a lake.

According to the locals, this cave stretches far into the darkness and leads you out to Ogbunike cave in Anambra state. This popular collection of caves is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in a valley blanketed by tropical rain forest, and has been used by local people for centuries as a sacred site. Descending into the valley where the caves are located is a lengthy walkway made up of about 317 steps said to have been constructed by the Anambra State Government in the mid 90s. Visitors must remove their shoes before entering the caves, as per tradition. And women who are having their monthly circle cannot go in.

Just at the main chamber of Ogbunike cave are ten tunnels leading to other chambers and many more tunnels. Therefore, it is unsure which connects to the cave in Enugu state.

There has been no record of a journey from one side to the other as most people cannot make it past the first few metres into the caves due to the darkness and colony of bats. Locals, who serve as tour guides, at Ezeagu are fond of telling myths and legends about the cave. It is said that there are wild animals and even a dwelling place for an unknown person.

Both caves do have calm natural stream flowing out of them which are revered by tourists and locals for their curative properties.

If you are brave and want to explore the caves, a bright lamp will definitely come handy in order to explore the inner belly of the caves. Do not enter if you have phobias as the caves are stuffy and tight, and you have to wiggle through some parts.